Smoked Beef Marrow Bone


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Experience the joy of seeing your dog indulge in the market's longest-lasting chew: our hickory-smoked beef marrow bones. Suitable for all dog breeds and sizes.

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Range Cattle

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At Mika & Sammy's, every chew, bite, and bark of delight is a testament to our commitment. Led by Erik Senders, we ensure every bone is more than just a treat; it's our gold standard of pet satisfaction. If your dog’s tail stops wagging, we’re here to make it right!

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Why dogs love us

3 Treats in One

Why dogs love us

3 Treats in One

1. Beef Jerky for protein

2. Marrow for flavor

3. Bone for chewing

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Frequently Asked Questions

The bones are prepared using an old Southern smoking technique which naturally preserves the marrow, meat, and bone. This method, combined with the fact that they’re low temperature and slow smoked, strengthens the bone and prevents it from splintering.

These bones have a minimum shelf life of 3 years. To store the marrow bones, avoid using airtight containers like ziplock bags or Tupperware unless you’re freezing them. The bones need air to maintain freshness due to their preservative-free nature. You can keep them in their original box or wrap them in paper. Refrigeration is also an option.

No, the bones do not stain or leave a bad odor. This includes not staining blankets, carpets, or any other surfaces.

These marrow bones have a minimum shelf life of 3 years thanks to the natural preservation from the smoking process. However, they require air to stay fresh. Avoid storing them in airtight containers unless you are placing them in the freezer.

Our marrow bones need air to stay fresh because they are preservative-free. Storing them in airtight containers like ziplock bags or Tupperware can impact their shelf life and freshness, unless they are stored in the freezer. Therefore, it’s best to avoid shipping or storing them in plastic.

Yes, our bones are perfect for all-sized dogs. This includes small breeds like yorkies and chihuahuas. For your convenience, we have a size guideline: Dogs weighing 20lbs and under should have a small size, 21lbs to 40lbs a medium, and those weighing 41lbs and above should be given a large size.

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