Human Grade. All-Natural. Delectable

A line of carefully crafted jerky dog treats, with minimal ingredients. 

Now you can make your pup happy & healthy!

Dehydrated Jerky Treats

Our Ingredients and Process

At Mika & Sammy’s, we recognize the importance of giving your pet a healthy diet. We have developed our jerky treats for dogs so our canine companions can enjoy a healthy and happy snack at any time of the day. The dehydration process for our dog jerky treats ensures a high-quality product for your favorite canine, and we use 100% natural USDA-certified grass-fed beef and all-natural chicken breast as the basis for our beef and chicken jerky dog treats. By utilizing the protein that our pups gravitate towards, they will fall in love with our dog jerky treats and improve their diets at the same time.

Dehydrated Dog Treats

Our dehydrated beef and chicken dog treats aim to bring a line of healthier dog jerky treats to the market. We deliver a treat that your pet will love while giving you peace of mind knowing that your pup enjoys a healthy and all-natural diet.

Looking for more tasty treats? We also have smoked beef marrow bones and chews available for your favorite pup!

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