Gourmet Dog Bones

A dog and their bone is a tale as old as time. Dogs love to gnaw on bones, giving them hours, or minutes depending on the day, of pleasure and nutritional value. Because of this, Mika & Sammy’s Gourmet Pet Treats offers smoked gourmet dog bones that your pup will love!

Smoked Beef Marrow Bones


All-Natural Ingredients

Our gourmet smoked beef marrow bones are made with 100% all-natural hardwood smoke. We never bake or dehydrate our bones because it weakens the bone. Also, we NEVER use liquid smoke, additives, preservatives, mold inhibitors, or any other harmful chemicals that can cause health problems for your pet.

Instead, we only use 100% all-natural, farm-raised, grass-fed, USDA inspected beef. To smoke our bones, we use an old Southern, 100% all-natural smoking technique that serves as a natural preserver for both the marrow and the bone. Our process of low temperatures and slow smoke strengthens the bone, as it gently infuses all of our gourmet dog bones with a delicious hickory flavor and keeps each bone packed with the marrow your dog will love.

For Any Breed

Each of our gourmet dog bones contains three treats in one; the bone for chewing, the marrow for flavor & the beef jerky for protein! They also make the best dog bones for puppies!

While our gourmet dog bones are indeed the best dog bones for puppies, they are also excellent options for dogs of all ages. They are available in large, medium, and small varieties, so browse our selection today!

In addition to our gourmet dog bones, we also offer chews and jerky treats for your favorite canine companion!