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Homemade Healthy Dog Treats

When selecting food for your family, you gravitate towards foods that promote a healthy and balanced life. Foods with few ingredients, minimal processing, and no artificial preservatives populate the shopping list. So why not take the same attitude with your furry friend when you are buying their dog treats?

At Mika & Sammy’s Gourmet Pet Treats, we offer products that keep your pet’s health in mind. Our line of quality healthy dog treats provides your dog with homemade and healthy dog treats for their enjoyment. Our full assortment of treats includes wheat-free, grain-free, and pig ear dog treats, including JerkyDog Chews, and Smoked Marrow Bones.

Only The Best Quality

When buying dog treats, the same handful of companies have dominated the marketplace. The method in which they process their products does not matter as much to them, but at Mika & Sammy’s, we take the opposite approach. All of our ingredients come from all-natural sources and are handcrafted to create completely healthy treats for your favorite dog.

Buying healthy dog treats shouldn’t be complicated. Focusing on the process, integrity, and variety to give your pup a healthy alternative is paramount to the Mika & Sammy’s team. It’s why offering wheat-free and grain-free types of dog treats is something we take pride in. Are you looking for an extra special treat to buy for your dog? Consider buying one of our quality pig ear dog treats!

While you’re buying dog treats, why not see what else we have to offer? You can browse our selections of Dog ChewsJerky Treats, and Smoked Marrow Bones today!

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